Welcome to the Ice Vikings of Club Penguin!



This is the official website of the historical Ice Vikings!

It has been awhile since Bottle and I (Bob), or anyone on the IV staff has posted here. I still come to this site often just to see it again and also to use the blogroll :P. So far that’s the only thing I have been doing here is updating whoever is a current army and putting their site on our blogroll. But anyways, this was a random post I have always wanted to do, but I never got around to. I actually almost forgot how to post because it’s really been a long time! Bottle currently visits, while I haven’t seen much of Eagle or King Blooy. These soldiers and leaders have been great to this army, including all of the past leaders and ice viking soldiers!

This site as well has a great history! I wanted to write this post to say that the Ice Vikings will always be alive in our hearts and never dead. We will always bleed blue and orange and remember the great times we have shared. This army would not be the same without every single IV soldier who put on the uniform in the past. Unfortunately, this army is no longer active, and the only two people allowed to bring it back or to give someone approval to bring it back is creator, Bottlefanta, and first ice viking Bobcatboy10.

So to all the vikings, including the brotherhood of the ice vikings, water vikings and any other kind of viking, live on! Also, always remember to yourself that you are a viking. We are the vikings! But as for me,

ιм αɴ ιcє νιкιηg.

Over and out!



Goodbye Club Penguin

As you may or may not know, Club Penguin is going to be deleted forever on March 29, 2017.  I am not sure how much longer this site will be still up for, but I hope it stays up just for the old memories and nostalgia for those that have joined this fun Club Penguin Army.

Well I’ll still check on this site every once in a while.  While I start up my own website soon for my future Photography site/ Storm Chasing / maybe web developing, and a little Android App development site.  It will start as a Portfolio site for now.

Anyway, bye.


What To Do? Any Ideas?

Hi everyone,

Things have really gone downhill since school started, but we need to pick up and move on. We need some ideas to what we could do to get everyone involved with the Ice Vikings and to get everyone to keep coming back every day to check for new activities they could be involved in or with.   I know everyone is looking at Bottle for leadership, but since he isn’t really paying much attention to this army right now but, let us focus on the leadership of Bobcatboy10, King Blooy and Eagleeye5600. This will keep us moving forward with different varieties of battles and some parties. Since each leader has a different way of doing things, this will make us unique and make us a little more noticeable from the other Club Penguin armies.   Everyone needs to start getting on chat everyday including the leaders so we can start having unscheduled recruiting sessions, training sessions and have happy hour on Fridays if we get enough people to participate during the week.  Both Bottlefanta and Bobcatboy10 want to bring back old tactics in a new way and have a fun while doing that.  Also everyone needs to comment on every post just to keep giving us views.

Let’s find some small armies that we can start having some practice battles and keep having training sessions scheduled to keep everyone active.

If you have any other ideas of what we should do other then what I have stated above please leave a wonderful comment. 

King Blooy you need to start posting some more and start scheduling events.

If you agree with what I said above vote in this poll below.

Active Count:

This post also counts as a active count.  Put your Club Penguin name, your rank,   how active you are with a scale of 1-10(with 1 being least active to 10 being the most active).




Active: 5/10

Remember to comment on this post.

Eagleeye5600 Ice Vikings Adviser. Copyright Ice Vikings 2012

School is a Problem!

Bob Viking: I need to talk to Bottle ASAP about IV!

Howdy IV, we had a training session Sunday afternoon and I could not get on the computer at the time. Right when I was getting on, I instead had to go with family. To those who were on at the time, please comment on this post saying you were on chat at the time. I don’t even know if we did anything since I haven’t seen a post about it.

The main point of this post is suppose to be about school. I honestly hate school, (waking up early and homework, etc.) but we all go through it. Some have started already for awhile I heard, but I am now back to school along with Bottle. I just want to make a poll to see how this army is right now (about school).

All of cp armies have to make the switch about soldiers going back to school. Battles and events are now usually planned in the late afternoons & evenings or on weekends. Some people fall more inactive because of homework and projects, etc. Welcome back to the school times!

Over & Out


Allow me. [Next Event]

Howdy IV, so the Ice Vikings had a great last event, but things haven’t changed much except for an active chat for only 2 days? I don’t want anyone to lose hope for this army because trust me, I have wanted to end this army once again since we are barely making any progress. But I just cannot do that! Not with this much effort into it already!

Our next event was decided by a poll in my last post between training, recruiting, or a party! The results ended up 5-1-1 for the training session so that is the next event!

I.V.T.S, Ice Viking Training Session

When: Sunday, August 26, 2012

Server: Snow Drift

Room: Let’s start at the Town


  • 1:00 PM PST

  • 2:00 PM MST

  • 3:00 PM CST

  • 4:00 PM EST

  • 9:00 PM UK

Comment if you can make it!

Over & Out


What are your ideas?

Howdy IV, Well, we have been getting more site hits and active on the chat more now since our last event. This is wonderful news and we can’t wait for what is to come! They being said, we also still need to rise more and give ourselves time. Don’t expect this army to be top five over night. We must keep building and getting stronger so that we not only talk the talk, but walk the walk!

So I now turn to you (the soldiers) for ideas and let your thoughts be a part of this army! And if you do not know what to think about then here are some examples:

  • Recruiting, recruiting, recruiting! The future of the army lies here!
  • Tactics! [One thing about tactics, please nothing we do already now or anything worse. Emote bombs are WAY overused in the cp army world and many of these phrases we say as “bombs” are just spam. When I talk about tactics, I’m talkin’ old warfare with new style! Something the Ice Vikings can put to action.]
  • Site fixes/ideas/information. If you want to see something on the site that is not on here yet, let us know!
  • How to stay active- This should be pretty simple.
  • Anything else you will like to add about this army and how it can be made better! 😀

So if you want to get this army to look like this again:

…. then we really need everyone to work together here. 😛

Over & Out


Ps. Here is a poll for our next event:

Tactics & Training Session Results!

Howdy IV,

Awesome job on the training today! First, thank you to everyone who came to the event whether you came for a bit or the whole thing! To start this post off in joy, promotions to those who came! (Even the ones who came for a bit)

Now back to talking about the training. We did a great job on everything and I will breakdown what we need to work on and what we can do more! So here we go:

**Pictures by Bobcatboy10 & Cpmaster10123

➡ So we started at Town and quickly went to the snowforts! We made a line under the clock tower and had some people still logging on. Our first tactic was a regular emote bomb using the pizza emote (E+Z) and bombing the blue fort. Some of us didn’t bomb the blue fort lol. After Bobcatboy10’s tactic, then Bottlefanta ordered us to pile up in the bottom-left corner to do a multi-tactic. The multi-tactic was first a puffle bomb (E+P) on the blue fort once again and then quickly making a line under the clock tower with cups (E+C). We could have used some work on that part. It’s a hard tactic, but effective if done right by an army!

:arrow:Finally, back in our clock tower line and finishing up the regular army tactics, we did the sick emotes (E+8) in line for a picture!

:arrow:After the snowforts, IV was ordered to secure the mine cave area. Here was the new way to train for snowballs and being consistant with snowballs! Since the lights in the room are powered by a machine that needed snowballs, we had to follow Bobcatboy10 and keep the lights going! This was a challenge I’d say because it was easy at first, but once Bob moved around faster, we failed twice xD. Overall, for our first time we did GREAT on the snowballs! More to come.

:arrow:Dock: The next room was the dock on club penguin and this was a fun training tactic, but also one you have to pay attention to! Bottle came up with an idea to make lines easier. The objective was that Bottle and Bob (me) would make a line whether it was across, vertical, or diagonal. Bottle & Bob would be either shoulder to shoulder (across), top to bottom (vertical), or in a diagonal, and it was up to the soldiers to make the line after them. We even could be away from each other and the soldiers would have to fill up the space in between. You did have to pay attention on when to make the line and when to wait for Bottle & Bob to be ready. This was great practice and we gotta do this some more! It was like a puzzle.

And last but not least! The IV went to the dojo to finish it up with a ‘ICE VIKINGS’ chant & charge! In the old days, instead of emote bombs or jokes, the armies would charge saying the name of their army! Well, consider the Ice Vikings this……. we are old warfare with new style! Great job everyone and like I said at the beginning, promotions if you came!

Over & Out


Event Today!

Training & Recruiting Session!

When: Monday, August 20, 2012 [TODAY]

Where: Polar Bear, Dojo


  • 3:00 PM PST

  • 4:00 PM MST

  • 5:00 PM CST

  • 6:00 PM EST

  • 11:00 PM UK

    This is just a reminder and for it also to be the top post so everyone can see it again. Go to chat when it starts! http://xat.com/IceVikingsofClubPenguin

    Over & Out


Our Next Objectives.

Howdy IV,

Now that we have two servers under Ice Viking control, we can now train on both servers and patrol for promotions. Things haven’t changed much from my last post to get us fired up so I realized I have to take action. Here are our next objectives in this army to get a step closer to a major army:

  1. People on the site, post more please.
  2. Comment more on posts & pages and this goes for everyone. Back in the old days comments had conversations in them..
  3. Every Saturday at 2 PM EST, get on chat to patrol. (Comment on the newest post saying you patrolled and it will build up for a promotion.)
  4. Ice Viking meetings on Club Penguin are coming soon!
  5. And our next objective is……

Training & Recruiting Session!

When: Monday, August 20, 2012

Where: Polar Bear, Dojo


  • 3:00 PM PST

  • 4:00 PM MST

  • 5:00 PM CST

  • 6:00 PM EST

  • 11:00 PM UK

This will be an event for PROMOTIONS everyone. Those who join this army do start off at low ranks but sometimes promotions will be given out whenever they want to be. We will be training mostly because this server is pretty dead. From snowball training at the mine cave to formations on the ice berg, we will cover a few things to get this army going. Oh and one more thing, this training session will be something NEW. No army will train like this and we are getting ready for new tactics and strategies to upset the enemy. So make sure you are there!

Over & Out << This is for waterkid